Sunday, 12 May 2013

Seven Reasons Why Acne Appears After Age 30 And Causes Of Adult Acne

Common acne that occurs in people over 30 years of age is adult acne.  It is not uncommon to find you are having breakouts, especially if you had acne as a teenager.

A number of causes could contribute to adult appearance of acne. Seven reasons why acne appears after age 30 and causes of adult acne are as follows:

1.  Frequently the acne that one had as a teenager resurfaces later in adulthood. The reason this occurs is not always obvious, but acne presence in adults can be because of this.

2.  In women, acne often reappears during pregnancy. In the case of women during their menstrual period this is also true.

3.  Something unusual is going on. Talking to your family physician or a dermatologist is a smart idea.

Adult acne has more possible causes:

1.  Particular medications can provoke acne. Medications that contain iodine, as well as anti-epileptic drugs, anti-tuberculosis drugs rifampin and isoniazid, lithium, and anabolic steroids.

2.  Constant physical pressure on the skin. Whether carrying a backpack or wearing a helmet, breakouts can be caused by such pressure on the skin.

3.  Chlorinated industrial chemicals are another possible cause. Chloracne, when constant exposure to chemicals causes job-related skin disorders, and working in particular types of industrial environments can cause acne-like symptoms.

4.  Metabolic changes are yet another cause of adult acne. Acne in adults can be caused by those hormonal imbalances in the body suck as those present during menstruation or pregnancy. With changes in the hormonal balance of the body, such as those present during menstruation or pregnancy can cause acne in adults.


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