Monday, 22 April 2013

Skin Care over 40 for Healthy Younger Looking Skin

For women over 40, taking good care of your skin requires more attention to your skin’s aging needs. It’s an age when keeping your skin from unnecessary wrinkles and damage becomes a lifelong practice. Even if you were blessed with good skin genes, a good skin regimen over 40 will help you achieve a younger, healthier look that lasts over time.

One of the best ways to keep skin looking younger over time is to be diligent about following a facial skincare routine and realizing that keeping your skin from aging revolves around many factors.

For instance, vitamins, healthy eating and sunscreen are habits that you should practice more regularly to maintain both inner health and skin health.

Moisturizing is vital to maintain elasticity and firm skin. Bad habits like smoking or drinking too much alcohol is a skin moisture robber which will ultimately age your skin over time.

Also, proper skin cleansing over 40 is extremely important for better looking skin because skin pores can clog so easily and many women still tend to have breakouts over 40.

Yet older skin tends to be more delicate and susceptible to wrinkles, so, you have to be careful with skin cleansing when you also have acne. If parts of your face are oily and other parts are scaly, it’s important to find the right products to cleanse your skin.

For instance, a Retinol vitamin A based product, may be a better way to spot treat blemishes as opposed to Benzoyl Peroxide found in many acne creams, because it’s less drying to skin.

You should also remember that the delicate skin around your eyes requires skin care that is separate from the rest of your face, as this skin is thinner. Over time, a reduction in collagen production makes the eye area even more prone to wrinkles, so a collagen enriching eye cream can be used just for the eye area.

When you’re over 40, you don’t ever want to scrub mature skin, but a good exfoliation from time to time, (excluding the eye area), to get rid of flaky dead skin cells will help the skin to replenish new skin cells and reduce the appearance of dull, tired skin.

Remember, the key to maintaining lifelong younger skin when you’re over 40 is to provide a regimen personalized to your skin’s needs and stick with it for years to come.


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